Professional Team
Higher education background,abundant system cases and rich projects experience equips the Sankou team to work professionally.

Professional Solution
With the plenty cases experience, Sankou will bring you the most suitable solution. Sankou understands your needs better than you do.

Professional Supply
Excellent cooperation relationships with manufacturers enable Sankou to supply with high efficiency both in time and money.

Decent Quality
With skilled technicians and engineers, Sankou always precisely transform your product concepts into high quality goods, complying with all kinds of certifications like CE ROHS……

Our Skills

We strive to maintain a competitive edge through operational excellence and innovation.

OEM service85%
ODM service75%

Why Choose Us?
  1. Our development charges are very low in comparison of other companies.
  2. We have specialization in lithium battery related products development.
  3. We have highly well experienced young people team.

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